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orioles notebook

Cover for my next handcrafted notebook

notebook orioles notebook

I make little notebooks sometimes for friends — and for myself, natch. They will never be mistaken for store-bought, or even for the work of an expert, but they do have a crafty charm, if you can handle that sort of thing. And for me, they are the perfect notebook: spiral binding (lays flat), pen holder, place marker, and pockets to tuck away other papers.

I can choose the size, the interior stock, the images on the front and back, and refill or file when it’s filled up. For those rare pixel-free times when the analog act of putting pen to paper is the only thing that will do.

This one’s for an Orioles fan :)

It rained but there was surfing anyway

stokedIt didn’t rain all day, but it looked like it was going to … so this was a big day for On Demand movies. First, I watched a Sundance-y movie called “Easy.” Pretty good, except I kept wondering what the characters actually did for a living that enabled them to live in adorable houses but never have to commute to anything.  Then I watched a documentary about 15 year-old boys who were training to be pro surfers. They were so cute, plus they got “stoked” an awful lot. My favorites were the soul surfers. They didn’t really care about the competitions. They just wanted to be good at what they did and free surf and meet cute aussie girls. Not to mention the movie was narrated by Gary Busey.  Bonus.

Fairchild Gardens

Click on the image at left for a slideshow of my recent trip to the gorgeous Fairchild Botanical Gardens. If you like plants, green growing things, or the earth at all, and you find yourself with some spare time in the Miami area, try to visit the Botanical Gardens. They will give you a new appreciation for biodiversity and for those who preserve it.

I wish the photographs were a little better, but you’ll get the idea anyway. Also, not being an actual botanist, I guessed at what kind of plants had been photographed, so know that. If you’re feeling really green, you can even experiment with the experimental screensaver version of this slide show, here.

Ocean Video

The ocean this evening from my balcony looked churned up, a result of Ike’s rain, wind etc. On closer inspection, the surf was active, but not that wild. Anyway, I got inspired to compile some of the pictures that have accumulated since I’ve been here. The first shots on this little video were taken a while ago on a clear sunny morning — not all of them the greatest, but you get the idea. The second part of this video shows the ocean today: gray sky, green choppy water. (Check out the roly poly guy walking along the beach.) Whether it’s quiet like turquoise jelly or agitated like Neptune’s lair, the ocean is why I’m here. And, for that matter, why we’re all here.

Click on the image above to see the video.

Can I have a cheeseburger?

.I’m just saying, I started out HATING this site, because of its stupidity, and because of how it says everything wrong about people who like cats, or even about people who like animals in general. About how we’re all morons who can’t spell and think animals are people, and how we love cuteness and whimsy. And I am a person who above all despises whimsy.

But I have come around.

I think I CAN HAZ CHEEZEBURGER? is absolutely hysterical, and that it has a freestanding charm, completely apart from cattiness. Almost everyone who posts to must be aware of its cornball factor, and yet they persist. This could only exist on the web — somehow thousands of people have agreed that Hollie Hobby grammar, and this ugly font, and pictures of animals just doing animal things are universally funny. And now. I agree.