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Control plus Z

Sometimes I wish there was an “undo” key for life. Just something that would erase everything that you’d recently done until you got back to the last point where things were working right. You wouldn’t even have to know what you’d done wrong. (Was it when I woke up late? When I stopped for a Qwik Mart breakfast wrap? When I didn’t open all my emails because nothing looked important? When I forgot to wave at the parking lot attendant?) You’d just keep hitting “undo” until all was well.

Or system restore. For those times when you don’t want to lose any data — you just want to go back to the last time everything functioned properly. Let’s see. How about last Friday? Yeah, system restore for life. That would be nice.

I have run out of ideas

I hate to say this, but it kind of feels like I have run out of ideas for blogging. Is that possible? Or have I run out of ideas entirely? You should know that I now have a new neighbor. “Mean Jerry” has moved out. I like to think he has been evicted. Mean Jerry has been replaced by “New Gary” who walks with two canes and does the laundry in his pajamas. I know this because it’s a common laundry room, not because I watched Gary do his laundry at home. You gotta give it to folks who walked around the apartment building in their p.j.’s Also, I can’t wait to vote next week. This will be my first time voting in Crazytown.