Front End Development

If you consider yourself a “Jack of All Trades”, you must master — at least to a degree — both sides of the brain. Development (even front-end development) is traditionally considered a “left-brainer.” When I’m immersed in the left brain, it’s javascript, jquery, and the places where php, asp classic, and interact with users.

What I focus on:

  • What do users want to get done?
  • What is annoying them?
  • At what point do they get confused?
  • Is there a chance that they will give up, and why?
  • How can front-end development solve those issues?

In many ways front-end development is like solving a math problem. It works or it doesn’t. Building a successful front-end application delivers a jump-up-and-down satisfaction that you just don’t get in the more subjective (but equally challenging) world of graphics and design.