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free 2012 wall calendar

2012 Wall Calendar – Take One Please

free 2012 wall calendarHas there ever been a more useful use of digital technology than the calendar/agenda/reminder function? I almost hate to admit it, but I was immediately hooked on Microsoft’s Outlook at work, which caused me to forever abandon my paper agendas. And now with a smartphone, you don’t have to be chained to the desktop; you can get bleeps and reminders and buzzes for everything … from “buy eggs” to “clean out garage.”

But, there is still one calendar function that, for me, hasn’t been replaced by the e-planner. And that is the “Year at a Glance” version. If you work in a field where projects take longer than two weeks, you can find yourself in a conference call where someone says, “Let’s reconvene in six weeks … is everyone available?” and you think, ‘Frak! When is six weeks? Wait, let me open up my calendar … oh, shoot, where’s my phone? Is that April or May?” Maybe you just want to jot down a quick note on the day, and — if necessary — transfer it to all of your online devices. For me, anyway, having the whole year in one view gives me a good sense of the passage of time, and usually how fast it is.

folded calendarSo that’s why I made this “2012 Wall Calendar.” I made it for me, and for anyone else who wants it. The calendar prints out on four sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper. Tack them all up together, and you’ve got the year at a glance. But you can also do one sheet at a time, if space is limited. And if you’ve got no wall at all, fold it into a triangle (or is that pyramid?) and place it just about anywhere.