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I like Kuler, Mostly

Try Kuler Adobe’s Kuler is a Flash-based application that uses color theory to provide users with a variety of pleasing — or revolting — color pallettes. To develop you own color pallette, you can select a base color (your favorite green or yellow, for example) and then let Kuler offer up four compatible swatches. Or you can search through Kuler’s well-tagged library of color pallettes for words like “ocean” or “retro” or “dull” to see what other Kulerians have cooked up.

Kuler is a useful tool if you’ve realized that the swatches you’re working with are either ugly or all over the map, or there are just too many of them, and you need to edit. It’s also useful when you have no idea which colors represent concepts like “investment banking”.

What I don’t like about Kuler is, I’m not sure it works right. Or maybe I just don’t work right. My base colors never seem to stay in one place and my adjustments seem to run off when I’m not looking. Downloading and importing other users’ pallettes worked, but was so time-consuming that I resorted to the dumb guy strategy of just eyedroppering a screen grab.